Personalise Your Office Workspace With Simple Decor Ideas

Lamp Shade

You spend so long at work, 5 or 6 days a week. 8 or 9 hours a day sat at your desk. Why not make your workspace feel more homey? As you look around, each cubicle desk is the same, if you look away from your work station you see the plain white walls, or those drab office carpet tiles. Your office cubicle is boring, as it’s dry and plain. Or you could be different.

A well decorated office cubicle shows you who are as a person, a bit like expressing yourself. Also, the pod decoration ideas must not be too wild, remember it is your workplace and not your home. You don’t want to be upsetting the boss now. Make it personal, but without cluttering the work area.

Some of these accessory ideas can be found in most office supply shops:

• Mouse mats

• Pen stands

• Paper weights

• Bulletin boards

• Lamps

• Calendars

• Plants – but something not too large

Cubicle Decor Ideas

The first thing you should do before personalizing your workspace is to check with your boss. Simple things such as changing your background and screen saver shouldn’t be an issue.

Good soft lighting arrangements in the office help you to overcome the monitor eyestrain. Much of the florescent lights used in offices can be damaging to the eyes. An idea would be to use a lamp shade on your office or desk lamp.

Another accessory that you can add to your cubicle decoration is a notice board. The bulletin board may be placed just outside your personal work area. If you are the head of your department, you can add the nearing work deadlines to be completed, upcoming events and projects. The bulletin board can be decorated to your chosen theme.

The best way without doubt to personalize your work area is photos. Photos of family, pets and loved ones. Then maybe attach post it notes to your photos.

Plants are ideal to take your mind away from the feel of work. They add a real ambience to your work station. Something that isn’t too large. A nice looking cactus that doesn’t grow to a large size would be ideal. They are low maintenance, small, and don’t grow quickly.

Thanks for reading my article. It’s purpose is to help you get through the long work day, with some ideas I used myself in my own office. Although it is work, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t make the most of it.

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Lamp Shade Styles and Shapes

Lamp Shade

A little ground work for discussion: A shade basically has 3 measurements: top diameter, bottom diameter and side length. There are other measurements on complex frames which is another subject.

Here is a listing of many basic lamp shade styles:

1) Empire Lamp Shade- a round shape lamp shade with straight sloped side. The shade slope is not exaggerated but rather at a traditional angle, the most common type of shade found.

2) Bell Lamp Shade – the same as an empire lamp shade except the side is curved not straight.

3) Drum Lamp Shade – a round shape lamp shade with straight side where the top and bottom diameter are near each other crating a near cylindrical or drum type of shape.

4) Coolee Lamp Shade – a round shape lamp shade with straight or curved sloped side. The shade slope is exaggerated due the top diameter being much smaller than the bottom diameter thus resembling a Chinese coolee hat.

5) Square Lamp Shade – self explaining

6) Rectangular Lamp Shade – self explaining

7) Oval Lamp Shade – self explaining

8) Hexagon Lamp Shade – six sided lamp shade

9) Octagon Lamp Shade – eight sided lamp shade

10) Cut Corner Lamp Shade – the corners are cut straight across instead of a right angle.

11) Inverted Cut Corner Lamp Shade – the corners are cut inward in a curve instead of a right angle.

12) Out round Corner Lamp Shade – the corners are rounded outward in a curve instead of a right angle.

13) Scallop Top or Bottom Lamp Shade – the top or bottom edge is wavy or curved in a scalloped manner instead of being straight.

14) V Notch Lamp Shade – the top or bottom edge has a “V” shaped design instead of being straight.

15) Gallery Lamp Shade – the bottom edge has a wide gallery section which may have a different decorative treatment.

16) Fancy Square Lamp Shade – a square top bell shape lamp shade with square bottom where each bottom side has a single out scallop.

17) Bouillotte Lamp Shade – a short drum (or bell drum) lamp shade, named after the French card game where this lamp and shade were commonly found.

18) Junior Lamp Shade – a short drum (or bell drum) lamp shade made especially to fit a 6 way reflector floor lamp that became popular c 1930.

19) Uno Lamp Shade – any lamp shade where the shade “FITTER” is large enough to slip over or screw over the socket.

Now there are hexagon bells and squares with inverted cut corners. There are V notch bell drums and most any other combinations of features that you may imagine…

It may be obvious that this could go on limited only by our imagination and the lamp shade makers skill. Then there are custom shades in great variety and complexity.

Some say the shade makes the lamp and there is some truth in that. Just do not begin with an ugly lamp and expect your shade to redeem it !

Good luck on selecting your next lamp shade.

- Jim Hoyle

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A Woman’s Bedroom (On a Budget)

Lamp Shade

Women tend to be very busy creatures. They are always putting their children and husband before themselves. The master bedroom should be a place where a woman can go to “collect” herself. A great place to relax after a typically hectic day, or for their own time out.

From reinvented hand-me-downs to raising the roof, a beautiful bedroom created just for you is within reach no matter what your budget.

No matter what size your bedroom, a beautiful room can be created with a little imagination. Creatively using hand-me-downs is one such method. It will allow you to reinvent your room without breaking the budget. An application of paint to an old bed will freshen its look and bring it up to date.

Perhaps you do not have a headboard for your bed or would like a new one. You can create it with an arrangement of photos or artwork on the wall over your bed. Complete the look with a complimentary quilt or comforter, a few decorative pillows, and your bed is looking quite stylish and relaxing.

Another simple and budget-conscious way to update your room is by adding bedside lighting to the tables next to your bed. While overhead lighting is sensible, and will fill the entire bedroom with light, bedside lamps create a peaceful radiance. This lighting provides you with a way to relax and read a book, magazine or search the web without intense lighting glaring down at you. Just be sure when you purchase your lamps, that the bottom of the lamp shade is at eye level so the light will shine on your reading material and not in your eyes.

One more key element: accessorize! Accessories are an inexpensive way to change your room. Items from another room can be moved to the bedroom. You can also visit on-line auction sites. They carry a great supply of reasonably priced decorative details that will give your bedroom a “collected-over-time” look. Classic bedroom items like alarm clocks, vases, books, and lamps can boost your bedroom’s beauty factor.

Do not hesitate, do it! You deserve a little piece of heaven in your home!

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How to Clean a Fabric Lampshade

Lamp Shade

Lampshades can get quite dirty and dusty and eventually they become a bit of an eye-sore if you don’t dust them regularly. Eventually it’s a case of get them clean (and save money) or replace them.

The process below works best for silk, rayon or nylon shades. Linen, cotton and any hand painted shades don’t take well to being dipped in water – but then what have you got to lose if your lamp shades are now past their best? You may as well give it a try before you give up and buy new.

If you have an antique or valuable lampshade however then don’t try to clean it yourself – you need a specialist cleaner for this. Some dry cleaners may be able to assist you though I must admit my local dry cleaner is reluctant to take anything without a care label so you may have to search for a real expert.

To clean a fabric lampshade yourself

Remove the shade from the lamp then use a dry cloth or vacuum brush to clean the surface of the lamp shade inside and out of any dust.

Remove the trim from the lampshade if this is not be washable or if the color may run into the shade itself and wash separately (if it is washable).

Fill a sink or bathtub with warm water deep enough to submerge the lamp shade completely. Add some mild detergent – the kind used to hand wash delicate silk and woolen garments is best.

Submerge the lampshade in the warm soapy water and use a soft cloth or brush and some extra soap to gently run any particularly dirty areas or dirt spots.

Gently swish the lampshade up and down through the soapy water

Empty out the soapy water and refill the basin with clean warm water. Rinse the shade

If the shade is particularly dirty repeat steps 4 and 5

Leave the shade to dry naturally where air can circulate to prevent rusting of the frame. Although the fabric may appear to stretch when wet it will usually tighten up and return to its original state (though cleaner!) as it dries.

Reattach the old trim with a few stitches around the lamp or by gluing in place with non-flammable glue. If the old trim is detracting from the splendor of your now-clean lamp shade think about re-trimming your lamp with ribbon, braid, beads or fringing.

I have seen a household tip once where someone cleaned a lampshade with a piece of soft white bread – rolling the bread into a doughy ball and then running it over the surface of the shade. I haven’t tried this myself so though I can imagine it being reasonably effective you may want to try it on a lamp shade that doesn’t matter to you. Or if the dirt is not too ingrained try a lint roller which is great on dust.

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Great Price Lite Source CH101-11 for $15.75

Lite Source CH101-11 White Bell Shade Review

Lite Source CH101-11 White Bell Shade Feature

  • Beautiful and simple shantung fabric bell shade
  • Antique eggshell finish
  • Shade Dimensions: 4-Inch Top by 11-Inch Bottom by 8.5-Inch Slant Height
  • Includes a Spider Fitter designed to sit on top of your lamp harp (a harp is not included)
  • Weight: 0.875 lbs

Lite Source CH101-11 White Bell Shade Overview

  • Dimension: 4″T x 11″B x 8.5″SL
  • Finish: White
  • Material: Fabric
  • Fabric Ball Lamp Shade in White Finish
  • This is for the lamp shade only.

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Great Price Lite Source CH116-16 for $24.30

Lite Source CH116-16 Faux Leather Bell Shade Review

Lite Source CH116-16 Faux Leather Bell Shade Feature

  • Bell shaped faux leather shade
  • Natural faux leather
  • Shade Dimensions: 6-Inch Top by 16-Inch Bottom by 12-Inch Slant Height
  • Includes a Spider Fitter designed to sit on top of your lamp harp (a harp is not included)
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs

Lite Source CH116-16 Faux Leather Bell Shade Overview

CH116-16 Size: 6″ T x 16″ B x 12″ SL This embossed faux leather lamp shade with its bell shape and creme color is the perfect way to add some traditional style to the room. Perfect for a floor or table lamp. Features: -Embossed faux leather lamp shade -Available sizes: -6” T x 16” B x 12” SL -7” T x 17” B x 12” SL -8” T x 18” B x 12” SL About Lite Source Lite Source manufactures a beautiful selection of high quality accent lamps. From novelty lamps in unique styles to standard desk and floor lamps, a purchase from Lite Source will be a long-lasting addition to any decor and for any application.

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